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Phosphor Layers (GLASS / SILICON)
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Phosphor Layers (GLASS / SILICON)

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Develop and produce phosphor layers for Mid and high power LED package applications.
All in-house manufacturing process of phosphor film and wafer type layer
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Product Details

■ Phosphor Layers

  1) Innertron can manufacture high specification fluorescent film used for medium and high power LED lighting in the internal process according to customer's needs.

    - Possible Products: Film, Wafer Type Fluorescent Film


  2) Glass type advantages

   - High precision of chip size

   - 100% chip quality verification

   - 100% chip color coordinate verification

   - Chippingless Chipside

   - White, red, amber color

   - Chip compatible

   - Chip size customer specification optimization service

   - Response to new R & D projects


 3) Silicon type advantages

  - Various silicone applications. (PMPS, PDMS)

  - Mass production thickness quality within ± 2um

  - Silicone applicable

 -Response to new R & D projects그림1.png

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