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925~937.5MHz Antenna Distributor/Combiner IDA-A19
  • 925~937.5MHz Antenna Distributor/Combiner IDA-A19 1번 상세이미지 썸네일

925~937.5MHz Antenna Distributor/Combiner IDA-A19

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The VOCALLUX IDA-A19 is UHF band dedicated distributor/combiner-integrated system. (selectable to switch mode)
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Product Details


RF distributor and antenna combiner-integrated product.

The mode switch on the rear can be used to the function to suit the site.

With microstrip circuitry, RF can be evenly distributed to 4 receivers with 2 IN/8 OUT when used as a distributor. 

When used as a combiner, up to eight external antenna can be connected to one distributor with 8 IN/2 OUT.



▶ Use 925-937.5MHz as a distributor/combiner-integrated system for the UHF band wireless microphone system

▶ Mount on the rack using the enclosed mounting bracket(IDB-001/002), even though a half size
▶Connect two distributors using cascade ports (A1, B1)

※ IDA-A19 is a 900MHz wireless microphone distributor and (external antenna) combiner-integrated product.
when shipped from the factory, it is shipped in distributor mode ("DIS"). Therefore, please refer to the picture below and adjust the mode according the the site.

≫ wiring diagram
1. In "COM" mode, up to 8 external antennas can be connected (in this case, the cascade port is disabled). 

2. In "DIS" mode, RF distribution is possible for up to 4 receivers (in some cases, an additional receiver can be connected when using the cascade port).

▶ Current Limit circuitry 
▶ Microstrip circuitry is adopted to reduce distributor size and stabilize system.
▶ Distributor can connect 8 receivers with 2 distributors when using the cascade port.
▶ High performance RF character : The minimization of  Adjacent frequency 4G-Band8 (911MHz, 950MHz)

≫ Application
This is a general wireless microphone distributor, but with an added combiner function; by switching to "COM" mode, up to 8 external antennas can be used, making it possible to use it in large logistics centers and schools(playgrounds and audiovisual rooms)

≫ Specifications

 Frequency Range

 925 ~ 937.5MHz

Power Supply 

 DC 12V / 2A

 Nosie Figure

 Typ. 5dB

 Dimensions(W x H x D)

 200 x 41 x 187mm

 In / Out Port

 Distributor mode : 2IN / 8OUT



 Combiner mode : 8IN / 2OUT



≫ Product Drawing