Quality Management

Create a trusted future through
continuous improvement.

In order to consistently provide excellent products and services
to our customers, we have set quality policies and practice them
to enhance customer satisfaction and trust.

  • Minimize the cost of quality failure
  • Establish a culture that complies with quality standards
  • Implement a cooperative quality system
  • Establish a company
    wide quality management system

    Operate the highest quality
    management system by introducing a quality audit
    system, a preventive quality management system,
    and a quality failure cost management system
    based on the ISO 9001 quality management system

  • Conduct customer
    satisfaction evaluations

    Perform periodic customer satisfaction
    assessments and workto achieve customer

  • Establish a process
    management system

    Produce the best products
    by establishing a thorough process control system
    by operating the real-name quality system