CEO Message

We will practice trust management
by sharing, and taking into consideration our customers and their satisfaction as our top priority.
Hello! I am Cho Hakrae, CEO of Innertron
Innertron  is Korea's leading RF company,
which has grown out of the wireless communication
business since 2002.
Established in 2002, Innertron started out as a latecomer to the RF parts industry, but with its technological prowess, it has grown remarkably due to its forward-thinking approach and by continually challenging itself, starting with filters and moving on to advanced RF communication systems around the world. In order to expand new growth engines, even in difficult business environments, we have chosen the uncommon path and continue to develop RF systems, RF parts, wafer glass, ceramics, and wireless digital microphones to become the market leader. We are pioneers in the global market.
Innertron will continue to leap forward to become the world's most trusted technical standard, meeting all challenges in not only the RF component industry, but also in various other industries. We look forward to your continued interest and support to encourage us to become a global leader.
Thank you.
Innertron, Inc.  CEO
Cho Hak rae