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925~937.5MHz Band Digital Handheld Transmitter VH-C29
  • 925~937.5MHz Band Digital Handheld Transmitter VH-C29 1번 상세이미지 썸네일
  • 925~937.5MHz Band Digital Handheld Transmitter VH-C29 2번 상세이미지 썸네일
  • 925~937.5MHz Band Digital Handheld Transmitter VH-C29 3번 상세이미지 썸네일

925~937.5MHz Band Digital Handheld Transmitter VH-C29

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The VOCALLUX VH-C29 Digital Handheld Transmitter uses the UHF band. By adopting Digital Modulation (QPSK) technique, it can be used many channels in the same place without interference.
Product Details





A true digital wireless microphone system in the 900MHz UHF band, VOCALLUX 

can solve problems that commonly occur when operating multi-channels such as interference, 

the appearance of unspecified radio waves, and white noise when using analog wireless microphones. 



Most digital wireless microphones are ISM Band 2.4GHz. However, this band has a poor radio environment because many devices such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are used together.

VOCALLUX is the first 925~937.5MHz band dedicated wireless microphone system in Korea that adopts a digital modulation technique.

The product uses digital modulation technique rather than the old FM modulation technique of general analog wireless microphone systems for more efficient frequency use; thus, it is suitable for multi-channel fields.

Also, more than 20 channels can be used simultaneously in the same place with its S/N characteristic of excellence with unexpected emissions such as intermodulation and RF interference (interference or noise).

In addition, by using a dedicated audio codec, this product has better security than general analog wireless systems.

The smart LC-Display enables easy viewing of usage information.

Frequency selection (Pairing and Manual), Audio Gain, and RF Power can be selected in Hi or Low mode for proper in various applications. The outer case is made of aluminum, which is comfortable to wear and can block extraneous RF emissions.



- Digital wireless microphone handheld transmitter using 900MHz UHF band dedicated to wireless microphones

- Adopting digital modulation (QPSK) technique

- More than three times the frequency efficiency compared to general analog W/L systems, which increases the number of simultaneous channels




Suitable for places requiring multi-channels, such as auditoriums, lecture rooms, and training centers.







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