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900MHz Band RF Level Meter Distributor/Combiner IDA-AP19
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900MHz Band RF Level Meter Distributor/Combiner IDA-AP19

Product Details Table
The VOCALLUX IDA-AP19 is a UHF band dedicated distributor/combiner-integrated system.
The RF level can be checked through the Smart LED.
Product Details


RF distributor and antenna combiner-integrated product. The mode switch on the rear can be used to the function to suit the site.
RF Power Check feature allows you to see the RF Power level received via the front SMART LED.
With microstrip circuitry, RF can be evenly distributed to 4 receivers with 2 IN/8 OUT when used as a distributor.
When used as a combiner, up to eight external antenna can be connected to one distributor with 8 IN/2 OUT.


- Use 925-937.5MHz as a distributor/combiner-integrated system for the UHF band wireless microphone system
- Check RF power through Smart LED (RF Power level meter)


- Mount on the rack using the enclosed mounting bracket(IDB-001/002), even though a half size
- Connect two distributors using cascade ports (A1, B1)
- Current Limit circuitry
- Microstrip circuitry is adopted to reduce distributor size and stabilize system.
- Distributor can connect 8 receivers with 2 distributors when using the cascade port.
- High performance RF character : The minimization of  Adjacent frequency 4G-Band8 (911MHz, 950MHz)

When used in conjunction with IDE-WP19, the RF Power status of the line can be checked and changed, enabling reliable wireless microphone operation.
IDA-A19 is a 900MHz wireless microphone distributor and (external antenna) combiner-integrated product. when shipped from the factory, it is shipped in distributor mode ("DIS"). 



RF power level ckeck function can check the RF status of the site. So it is easy to install.

This is a general wireless microphone distributor, but with an added combiner function; by switching to "COM" mode, up to 8 external antennas can be used, making it possible to use it in large logistics centers and schools(playgrounds and audiovisual rooms)





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